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Привет всем!

Просьба проверить ответы на данные вопросы:

1. Which statement about device mobility is true?
A. When local route groups are used, there is no need to conjure device mobility groups or phone
device CSSs as long as phone line CSSs are used.
B. When local route groups are used, you must configure device mobility groups and phone
device CSSs.
C. When the device mobility group at the home device pool and roaming device pool are not the
same, the Phone will keep the home region.
D. When device mobility groups at the home device pool and roaming device pool are the same,
the phone will keep the home MRGL setting.
Answer: D

2. You have received a trouble ticket stating that when callers dial the internal Help Desk queue at
extension 2300, they hear a message that their calls cannot be completed as dialed. Which two
issues could cause this problem? (Choose two.)
A. There are no agents logged in to the Help Desk queue.
B. The script associated with the Help Desk queue is corrupt.
C. There is a connectivity issue between Cisco Unified CallManager and the Cisco Unified Contact
Center Express server.
D. The route point for 2300 has been modified or deleted in Cisco Unified CallManager, resulting
in a synchronization issue.
E. The CSS of the route point for 2300 is incorrect.
Answer: C,D

3. При конфигурировании GW по протоколу MGCP информация о резервном CUCM конфигурируется только командой ccm-manager redundant-host (вручную), а не при скачивании XML файла с CUCM ( где CUCM group содержит 2 или более серверов CUCM)

4. In order for a third-party SIP phone to register with a Cisco Unified CallManager cluster, which
three configuration parameters must match between the phone and the cluster? (Choose three.)
A. device pool
C. username
D. password
E. MAC address
F. SIP profile
Answer: B,C,E


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